180T/H Brackish Water Ro System For Industrial Domestic Sewage MBR / MBBR Recycling System

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Guangzhou, China
Brand Name: Kaiyuan
Certification: ISO9001, CE, SGS
Model Number: KYRO-18TPH
Minimum Order Quantity: >= 1sets
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: export standard wooden case(plywood), no need to fumigate, suitable for shipping.
Delivery Time: 1-60working days(depand on raw materials stocking)
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: >300sets/month
Detail Information
Application: For Hotel, Boat, Industrial, Domestic Sewage Recycling System Voltage: 220V /380V 50Hz / 60Hz
RO Membrane: USA DOW(DuPont) BW30-400IG Production Capacity: 18000LPH (180TPH)
Product Keywords: 180000LPH Brackish Water System Salty Water Filter Control Valve: Automatic / Manual
Pipe Fitting: U-PVC/ SS304/ SS316 Raw Water TDS: 6000PPM
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6000PPM brackish water system

Product Description

180T/H Brackish Water System Salty Water Filter For Hotel, Boat, Industrial, Domestic Sewage MBR /MBBR Recycling System

The wastewater treatment equipment adopts international advanced biological treatment technology. Based on the experience of domestic and international domestic wastewater treatment equipment, combined with its own scientific research results and engineering practice, a set of organic wastewater treatment equipment can be designed. It removes BOD5, COD and NH3-N in one body.

It has stable and reliable technical performance, good treatment effect, low investment, automatic operation, convenient
maintenance and operation, no surface area, no need to build a house, no need for heating and insulation. Planting flowers and plants on the ground can not affect the surrounding environment.



1. It can handle the comprehensive wastewater of living system and its similar organic wastewater;
2. It adopts stainless steel with excellent characteristics such as corrosion resistance and aging resistance for more than 10 years, carbon steel for more than 20 years, and FRP for more than 50 years;
3. The complete set of equipment is simple to construct, easy to operate, all mechanical equipment is automatically controlled, all devices can be set below the surface;


1. It is buried below the surface of the earth. The surface above the equipment can be used as a greening or other land. It does not need to build houses, heating and heat preservation.
2. The secondary biological contact oxidation treatment process adopts push-flow biological contact oxidation, and its treatment effect is better than the complete mixed or two-stage series fully mixed biological contact oxidation tank. It is smaller than the activated sludge tank, has strong adaptability to water quality, good impact load resistance, stable effluent quality, and no sludge expansion. The new elastic three-dimensional filler is used in the pool, the specific surface area is large, the microorganisms are easy to hang the membrane, and the membrane is removed. Under the same organic matter load condition, the organic matter removal rate is high, and the solubility of oxygen in the air in water can be improved.
3. Biochemical pool using biological contact oxidation method, the volume load of the filler is relatively low, the microbe is in its own oxidation step, the amount of mud production is small, only need three months (90 days) or more to discharge the mud (with a sewage pump or Dehydrated into a mud cake for export).
4. The deodorization method of the buried domestic wastewater treatment equipment is not only conventional high-altitude exhaust, but also soil deodorization measures.
5. The entire equipment processing system is equipped with a fully automatic electrical control system and equipment fault alarm system, the operation is safe and reliable, usually do not need to be managed by special personnel, only need timely maintenance and maintenance of the equipment.

Wroking Process
Process Flow Chart
Raw Water--Feed Pump--Multimedia Filter --Fine Filter --High Pressure Pump --RO membranes--Middle Water Tank --Active Carbon Filter-- Fine Filter-- Pure Water Tank( Customized product is available)

1. Feed pump: equipped with a stainless steel pump, to provide sufficient pressure for subsequent filtration
2. Multimedia filter(Quartz sand filter): mainly remove the mud, suspended solids and large particals in the tap water
3. Activated carbon filter: usually rated by the size of the particles they are able to remove, measured in microns, and generally range from 50 microns (least effective) down to 0.5 microns (most effective).
4. Fine filter: further filtration, protection of reverse osmosis membrane
5. High pressure pump: provide enough pressure for reverse osmosis system
6: Reverse osmosis unit: the core part of pure water equipment, the production of high-purify water
7. Ozone generator: produces ozone gas, which is then released into an area containing water to kill microorganisms and remove odors
8. Rinse tank: protect the membrane system without polluted by using chemical agent
9. Booster pump: equipped with a stainless steel pump, to provide sufficient pressure for subsequent filtration
10. Carbon filter: mainly remove organic substance , residual chlorine and odor in tap water
11. Pure water tank: storage pure water, can change the size of the water tank after the below process. The water result is pure enough for different application.

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180T/H Brackish Water Ro System For Industrial Domestic Sewage MBR / MBBR Recycling System 1
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