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Every water treatment machine send out from Guangzhou Kaiyuan Water Treatment will have a strict quality test , electricians will test the electric circuit to ensure each electric components can work properly, welders ensure welding quality, no dead ends, no water leakage, high hygiene level. U-PVC piping connection workers carefully check the pipe connection before packing and delivery. All the components, including pumps, reverse osmosis membranes, membrane housing, pressure gauges, pressure switches, filter housings, filter medium and electric elements are famous brand, make sure the output pure water quality satisfy customers' requirement.


1. China Water Enterprises Confederation Desalination Branch

2. MIAC(China Membrane Industry Association)

3. ISO9001

4. CE

5. SGS

Guangzhou Kai Yuan Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. quality control 0

We are executive director unit of China Water Enterprises Confederation Desalination Branch and member of MIAC(China Membrane Industry Association). Approved CE, SGS and ISO. If your goverment need it, we can sent you^^

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