Pvdf Hollow Fiber Water Iron Removal System MBR Membrane With Chemical Stability

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Guangzhou, China
Brand Name: Kaiyuan
Certification: ISO9001, CE, SGS
Model Number: KYRO-MBR
Minimum Order Quantity: >= 1sets
Price: negotiation
Packaging Details: export standard wooden case(plywood), no need to fumigate, suitable for shipping.
Delivery Time: 1-7working days(depand on raw materials stocking)
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: >300sets/month
Detail Information
Raw Water Pump: BJZ Lingxiao/ CNP Nanfang High Pressure Pump: CNP Nanfang
Motor: TEFC, IEC Standard Materials: CDLF Stainless Steel
Aluminum Casing: 50HZ Or 60HZ, Single Phase Or 3-phase Voltage: 220-240v /380-415v
Warranty: 1year
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water iron removal system


iron water treatment systems

Product Description

pvdf hollow fiber MBR Membrane bioreactor system submerged flat sheet membrane with excellent chemical stability

1. Product Description



Membrane bio-reactor (MRP) is a new type of waste water treatment system combined with membrane separation technology and biological treatment technology. Mainly use the immersion in aerobic biological pool of membrane separation equipment in the trap after the biological treatment of activated sludge and solid. Membrane bio-reactor (MBR) treatment system has been developed in China for nearly ten years. With the continuous improvement of membrane manufacturing technology and the long-term application experience of the Company, membrane bio-reactor (MBR) treatment system has become a mature technology and attracts the view of the world's environmental protection industry.

2. Product Details


Advantages of MBR Membrane Bio-reactor:

High MLSS and micro-filtration membrane filtration, the water quality is good and stable

High volume load, short residence time, small occupy area

Replace the sedimentation tank and filter unit, no sludge settling problem

Strong anti-load impact ability, effective treating the high concentrations of organic waste water

Suspended matter and turbidity close to zero, suitable for water recovery

A / O method effectively removes ammonia nitrogen

Can remove most of the pathogens, reduce the dosage of disinfectant

Low operation costs , low energy consumption and automation control

Sludge discharge cycle is long, in the biological self-harm less sludge



Pvdf Hollow Fiber Water Iron Removal System MBR Membrane With Chemical Stability 0


3. Whole System Product Processing

Process: raw water tank + raw water pump + quartz sand filter + activated carbon filter + water softener/chemical dosing system(optional) + security filter + high pressure pump + ro system + pure water tank+UV sterilizer(ozone generator) +precision filter+ water supply point

System Performance:
*Main part (membrane) of reverse osmosis system is imported from USA.
*Auto stop when no water and full water.
*Auto controller, RO membrane auto flush to protect membrane.
*Auto start when pure water tank have no water.
*Low pressure protection switch to protect high pressure pump when there is no raw water.
*High efficient and low noise high pressure pump.
*Product water conductivity meter to monitor product water quality all the time.
*Input water and output water pressure gauge to monitor RO membrane *differential pressure to remind it's time for chemical cleaning.
*Inlet water solenoid valve to stop water when machine is stop.


Feed water(source water):
City water, river water, lake water, underground water(borehole, well), brackish water, sea water......

Treated water:
1. Electronic industry: Pre-filter for ultra pure water, chemical products and pure water
2. Food and beverage industry: filter for mineral water, wines and fruit juice
3. Medicine industry: filter for drug liquid, gases
4. Chemical industry: filter for organic solvent
5. Petroleum industry: filter for oil-field flooding

**Textile, chemical industry, process water / chemical recycled water, chemical products manufacturing purification and preparation of water ;

**Food and beverage industrial water, purified drinking water, beverages, beer, liquor, health care products such as water purification and preparation of water;

**Seawater, brackish water desalination islands, ships, offshore drilling platforms, brackish water areas

**Larger community, real estate property, schools, factories, hospitals, and the restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, canteens and other various types of enterprises and institutions.

**Integrated circuits, silicon wafers, display tubes and other electronic components of electronic industrial water rinse water

**Can be used for filling water bottled water, mineral water and other preparation work



There are several kinds of consumables you need to replace regularly.

a. Quartz sand: replaced about every 15 months. 50kg/bag
b. Activated carbon: replaced about every 15 months. 25kg/bag
c. Resin: replaced about every 15 months. 25L/bag
d. PP Filter cartridge: replaced about every 1 month
e. Ro membrane: replaced about every 2 year

We suggest you buy 1- 2 years of PP filter cartridges together with machine. Because these PP filter cartridges need to replace every month.


Optional Components:
UV sterilizer
Water Softener
Ozone Generator
Two-stage RO system
Regulating wheels
Dosing system
Automatic cleaning system
PE,stainless steel or FRP water tank



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