Applications of Reverse Osmosis System

May 26, 2020

Applications of Reverse Osmosis System


Reverse osmosis (RO) processes have many applications across countless industries.Reverse osmosis equipment has been widely used in the purification and concentration of various liquids. The most common application example is in the water treatment process. Reverse osmosis technology can be used to remove inorganic ions, bacteria, viruses, organic substances and colloids in raw water. Remove to get high-quality purified water.


Industry applications:



The pharmaceutical industry requires highly-purified water for production purposes—water is the most common ingredient among all pharmaceutical drugs. This major industry requires that the water be free of bacteria, bioorganic and organics, as well as all dissolved solids. Reverse osmosis systems with UV sterilizers can treat and disinfect feed water at industrial levels to produce high-purity water required for many pharmaceutical production processes.

Suggestions of machines:Two stage reverse osmosis system,Ultrapure water -EDI system, Polished mixed bed system,etc.


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RO systems attempt to provide clean, potable water for every day human use and consumption. Municipalities usually get their water from ground water sources, like aquifers, or surface water. Municipalities benefit from our RO Systems as they can safely remove chlorine from the water source, and in the process increase the lifespan of the membranes, as well as provide better post-treatment for water purification purposes.It can remove particle, colloid, organic impurity, heavy metal iron, bacteria, virus in water ,and it can also remove 99% dissolved salt. The whole system desalination rate can reach 96%-99% .


Suggestions of machines:Pre filter(sand filter + carbon filetr + water softener),One stage reverse osmosis system with UV sterilizer / Ozone generator , Two stage reverse osmosis system,etc.

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For food and beverage processing plants, high quality purified water is required for both production quality and preventative health measures. Reverse osmosis (RO) systems are useful in food manufacturing, processing, and packaging because the reverse osmosis (RO) process can remove many contaminants that can alter the taste and even odor of the water source or food, as well as remove bioorganic and bacteria from the feed water. RO systems coupled with UV sterilizers can safely disinfect these water sources for harmless human consumption.


Suggestions of machines:RO systems coupled with UV sterilizer


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