4000LPH fully stainless steel food great RO system

October 26, 2021

4000LPH fully stainless steel food great RO system


Process: raw water tank(client supply)→ raw water pump→quartz sand filter →activated carbon filter→water softener/chemical dosing system(optional)→security filter→high pressure pump→ro system→pure water tank(client supply)+UV sterilizer(ozone generator) +precision filter+ water supply point



Feed water(source water):
city water, river water, lake water, underground water(borehole, well), brackish water, sea water......


Treated water:
1. Electronic industry: Pre-filter for ultra pure water, chemical products and pure water
2. Food and beverage industry: filter for mineral water, wines and fruit juice
3. Medicine industry: filter for drug liquid, gases
4. Chemical industry: filter for organic solvent
5. Petroleum industry: filter for oil-field flooding