Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis System for Waste Water Treatment & Water Reuse

November 29, 2021



After using water in your process. do you waste your water ? How you can reuse it and save cost ? How to regain waste water ? How to make fresh clean water from waste water ? Kaiyuan is offering to you UF (Ultrafiltration) + RO (Reverse Osmosis) water purification system to handle this objection.


Ultrafiltration is helping us to remove bigger particles and which can foul on RO membrane surface. After UF Filtration water is ready for RO membrane. Kaiyuan water treatment equipment company in China with more than 20 years experience, ISO9001/ CE Certificate has made over 10000 projects in over 100 countries.


Water Filtration System is best way for industry to reuse process waste water again and again. It reduces your production cost and also support environment not to produce more waste. Water filtration systems has different features and charcteristic for different water source.


RO water purifier machine with UF Filtration is good solution for waste water treatment. Water Treatment Plants are becoming important nowadays for most of industry, because of government regulation, every factory must manage their water as well.


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